Be Aware of the Upward Shift!

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Wasting Resources for No Return 

This may be a little long, but God dealt with me about this situation happening in the Body of Christ!

As leaders, we must understand that there are things that we are undertaking that add no spiritual enhancement or benefit for our lives, neither to those we are called to.  Sometimes we are loaded down with situations that are trivial, that people could have handled themselves, but often they attach them to us because they don’t want to take the responsibility for them.

We often waste valuable time and energy on situations that are not our burden or responsibility.

God has not called us to be overburden and burned out.  He always sets boundaries for us so that we won’t get ourselves into places spiritually, that will cause us to collapse.

As I was in prayer this morning, God showed me men and women in the midst of people who were formed like leeches.  The more they would pull the leeches off, the more determined they were in holding on.

Many were physically and emotionally drained from the constant fight of pulling the same persons off of them.

The Spirit of the LORD spoke and said these are VISION & ENERGY SUCKERS!  They come to constantly drain the energy from the leaders so that they can’t focus or accomplish the things pertaining to the vision.

These persons always bring their lightweight trials to the leader to keep them in a constant frustration, because they are small things that are not emergencies, neither hard tests that can’t be handled by them, but they use them to attract the attention of the leader, and to distract them from the more weightier matters of the vision.

Leaders, it’s time to unload the unnecessary spiritual clutter that is consuming precious time that could be used to further the gospel and increase the Kingdom of God.

Often people try to use psychological warfare on you to keep you entrapped, to being responsible to them, by sometimes remarks that say you don’t care, or you act like you so busy, or you think you are better than them, or they will verbally come with abusive words against you.

You have to know what is a legitimate need or concern, versus somebody who is a user of your time, a leech of your resources, and a killer of your vision!

You can’t allow yourself to be overwhelm by persons who are needy, lonely, or mentally unstable.  Some persons have mental issues and they have attached to you because you give them attention.

As a leader you must know :

  1. When to pull back from a person that is using you as their savior.  Remember you are not their God.
  2. When to withdraw your spiritual as well as natural help.  Remember you teach them to go to God for themselves and to learn how to provide through their own power to get wealth.
  3. When a person is creating situations for their own benefit.  Leaders you have to have discernment in this hour.
  4. When a person is a con artist or liar.  Remember in this hour there is a need to check out a person story from a trusted source that may know them.  I have ask questions many times and gotten valuable information that saved me from being swindled and taken advantage of.  Remember to always double check your source of information, because sometimes people have issues with a person and will lie about them when questioned about them.
  5. When to set boundaries concerning your spiritual relationships.  Sometimes we get in predicaments because we allow situations to go forth to long.
  6. When a person is emotionally or mentally unstable.  Sometimes we don’t recognize how unstable people are until after they have harmed us or sabotaged us.
  7. When to cut people off. When people start disrespecting you threatening you sending you ugly inboxes nasty text leaving vicious voice mails or calling you a ridiculous amount of times during the day it’s time to cut them off and alert somebody that you have an issue with a person that seems capable of trying to do you harm.  I do believe in restraining orders bodyguards if you been threaten.  Yes we pray bind and rebuke and use the legal system if necessary.

Sometimes when we have to cut dismiss or take legal action people will go to other leaders to discredit sabotage damage and harm your reputation character or ministry.  Make sure you use safeguards when dealing with persons that are spiritual and emotionally unstable.

Always have a witness when dealing with them.  Often you have to tape conversation.  Never give them more attention than necessary and don’t go anywhere by yourself with them.

Leaders, before you believe a report or accusation against a person, make sure you have facts and evidence.  Don’t allow anyone to draw you into unhealthy situations or in personal wars and battles with someone.  Make sure you know the entire truth before you react.

Be Aware of the Upward Shift!

When the leader is shifting elevating and moving, it’s up to those on the team to know when a change has happen and be in alignment with the shift of the team.

When you have those lagging behind, it leaves a breach in the team, causing the enemy to have the opportunity to enter in.

Sometimes as a leader, you have to regroup in order to keep the enemy from obtaining ground in the vision.  Often people think a leader is cold hearted and unfeeling, because they have to make decisions that seem unfair to others, but they are necessary for the survival of the vision.

So many leaders are frustrated right now, because those on their team are giving them problems.

One thing that I notice on all teams is the inability of some team members to adapt to change.  When people have a set mind and are use to a certain routine they can rebel in actions and attitude.  Sometimes they don’t voice it, but they will react in how they perform their duties.

If you notice the picture, you will see that the leader is interacting more with those that have kept up with them.  They are turning around, encouraging them, because they are doing what they can to stay stay close.

If you notice there is a person with communication equipment with the team who is walking with the leader.  People, when you lag behind you will miss important information and instructions, because the communication is with those close, because they are proving to be faithful and loyal by making an effort to hang close and in earshot of the leader.

People, you can’t shift move or elevate, if you don’t stay in place to know when God is doing something new.

When a leader accomplishes a goal, many times God will give them more responsibilities to their mandate.  Many times, this entails adding either more responsibilities to someone, or seeking God for added help with the work.

This is often when either jealousy or insecurities arises.  When people understand that God’s wisdom surpasses our human reason, we will start looking at change as an elevation, and the new persons who join the team, as somebody coming to help lighten the load.

We won’t allow negative thoughts and certainly not negative people, to get in our ear and cause us to get out of place.  If God has called you to a ministry team, make sure you know the vision connected to it the mandate on the leader, and your responsibilities within the team.

There is a lot of shifting, transitioning and elevation going on with many ministry teams and there are too many person getting a misunderstanding of what is happening, because of the change.  We have to learn to adapt to the change that God sends to keep us going forth.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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