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Let Go of That Old, Dead Past! — 2 Comments

  1. Many will say, they have only done their job… but GOD – God will do HIS job at the very end… And yes – I have forgiven them. I don`t know what you all would have done facing this terror. After they have stolen my intimate privacy and sticked their fingers, ears and eyes 24/7 in their organized massive gangstalking against my life – selling it all for “social security” reasons – spreading rumours and gossip throughout the country and farer than this country – so what shall I answer ? Your words are fine, are true. May the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY reward me what I really have done to them: I rescued many of them and saved them from hell.

  2. Brother, that`s right, that`s clear since decades for me. Mostly others can`t stand our freedom. I made the experiences throughout all of my life since 53 years now, that so called “wise” or “intellectuals” want to oppress someone down to be a person that I never ever was. The so called “wise” or “studied” ones are so insane in their thoughts and doings, that I am convinced, many will have to bear shame and more rewards for what they`ve damaged through their arrogance. Our Lord Jesus Christ was mistreated and most of the strongest biblical people where laid traps and false accusations. To prevent them from going forth into their promised fields or lands. With God every believer can stand up after some wrong decisions. Don`t forget that powers and principalities want to impose their psychological agendas over free Christians. It`s not easy to flee the mendacious psycho programs. This world suffers under wrong theories. It`s not easy to life in the freedom of Christ when others do not want to understand and dislike our FREEDOM. But worst is, when brethren (male / female) from churches blow the same secular horn.

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