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Do Not Weep, The Lamb is a Lion! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you my Daddy for speaking what was so on my heart. I love your Words, which brings me comfort and joy Joy, joy. I love how you are helping me Lion of Judah, Roaring on my behalf. The El Shaddai, Glory ! Speaking to Me. Amen ! I love you !

  2. Dear Deborah

    Thank you again for such an awesome word in fact I took a picture of it and sent it to my son as he is going to speak with one of my customers this morning about starting his own business as they have much work.  About a week ago it was on my heart to watch the movie THE BOOK OF ELI there are some profanities in this movie but I was to watch it.  What I gleaned from this is Danziel Washington was portraying a blind man which was not evident till the very end yet the skill he had with the sword and protection that carried him to his destiny for bring God’s word were so strong.  What the Lord was telling me is that I need to walk the rest of my journey with the EYES OF MY HEART AND THE EARS OF MY HEART taking up the sword of the spirit and that I was to walk in the authority of being a King’s daughter.  So thank you for the blessed word Sue

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