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“Because You Are Mine!” — 6 Comments

  1. Glory be to God. Thank You Man of God for your timely words of encouragement and wisdom. The Lord has answered my prayers through your God given words and I am so blessed today. The Lord be praised and magnified and may the Lord continue to bless and use you more in the days to come. Thank You Messiah our Savior.

  2. May He be glorified and highly exalted! His Word is faithful and true, HalleluYah!  May His perfect will be done in my life according to the purpose for which He has called me (and all of those that call upon His holy Name and worship Him in spirit and truth).  Thank you for posting such encouragement and edification for Abba!

  3. he did called my names in my dreams about 5 years ago , so I run to a truck and saw many soldiers sitting in it in an order and I was the last one … He did chose the foolish thing … and made this wretched a saint . all glory to the Father and the Son forever and ever ! Amen ! thank you, God bless you !

  4. Oh Thomas, I just have to thank both God and you for this perfectly timed message. It was Word for Beautiful Word exactly what I needed to hear…I’m sending it to myself (via text) and will just breathe :)

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