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Beware Spiritual Identity Theft — 2 Comments

  1. I’m very concerned this has happened to me but it’s haunted me to exhaustion it tries to put crazy ideas that I’m not falling for in my head trying to convince me I’m somebody that I’m not. I think it uses this tactic because I have a lot of well coincidences with biblical things in my well I guess identity and even a group of people (fraternity) has well had interest in me for some reason. Idk I’m just tired and have no one to talk to about it because it sounds crazy and it is really but I can’t seem to escape alive for 4 years now almost 5 whatever it is it’s highly intelligent and I’ve learned a lot actually but I just want to go back to having a life instead of whatever this is I’m in or God would answer my prayers to take me out. But he won’t could god have mistaken my identity as well?

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