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Beware Those Re-Attaching to You! — 6 Comments

  1. Wow my sister, this is going on my home screen. I am going through this very situation from my ex husband and the RUACH has shown me that his repentance is not genuine and I should move on because he’s trying to mess up the calling in my life, just like you’ve said sister. Thanks a lot sister. Thank you Heavenly Father. I love you.

  2. Thank you FatherGod and you Apostle Paul for this Prophetic word I have a Exhusband who was Mean Verbal Abusive, to me for 7yrs he became Sick I Still helped him Now he’s in the Nursing home since 2017,he Doesn’t have Family in Texas I was The only one He had and Mistreated he Keeps Calling trying to Stay in touch but I want to go on with my Life ,I want A Better life A Holy Husband This Message is Letting me see that I Need to Keep going Forward In Jesus Name. Blessings

  3. Dear Lord…
    I JUST BARELY (and ONLY by the grace of the Almighty) lived through my second round with ex-fiance (harboring Jezebel-Narcissist demons)!!!
    I was falsely accused and sent to jail for 15 days on a FELONY charge!
    I’m still dealing with the legalities and court/Judicial system. What a nightmare this has been! I was never even given the opportunity to speak out on my behalf. He made a claim and I was arrested and incarcerated!! When I returned home, I immediately went to the medications drawer and took 3 times that which would kill me. Jezebel/Narcissistic Sociopaths have ONE agenda: To KILL the PROPHET!!! (Either by their, or more preferably, by your own, hand.)
    Brothers and Sisters in Christ ~ BEWARE!!! The roaring lion is DEVOURING those who are not constantly aware and walking in absolute discernment! DO NOT allow them to return. They weren’t victorious on their first attempt…so their second is exceedingly more powerful, seductive and vengeful than ever!!

  4. Thank so much,everything that God is saiding is about me.
    This is wath I am going through with my own family especially with one of my daughter.
    I am very aware of it thank God for speaking to me my Abba.
    Please pray for my son Angel he is backslider and living with a marry woman her name is Misty White she is the other person that wants everything that i have because i help my son my son.Her three daughters are living with their father.
    This strange woman is using my son. Control and manipulate him.
    He don’t know how to get her out of life.
    Please pray.

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