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It’s A Good Day! The Best is On the Way! (Updated) — 20 Comments

    • Dear RL, Most prophetic words given are given for ‘future’ and many are for now and future or ongoing. Yes, dear one, no confusion needed. It is indeed for the now season although pieces began in 2022. Just always think..God is preparing us for each time with hope for tomorrow. Many blessings and love in Christ, Sandi

  1. Sandi this is so wonderful a message and read.

    I have been so excited about Rosh Hashanah just right around the corner.

    Sandi, I am So glad the Father has put us together so many times. You are a great encouragement to many, surely including me.

    I love you and thank you for sharing to us from your very heart always such nuggets of truth,
    Joyce ❤️

    • Thank you so much for your never ending love and encouraging agreement, my dear sister, Joyce. You are a steady rock and an immovable vessel that has taken Jesus to the streets faithfully. Great is your reward. Sending love and hugs to you as we focus on finishing well, Sandi

  2. Sandi,



    • Just going back to some words the Lord keeps reminding me of that are coming to pass. Thanks, Bev for your blessed confirmation of this word. We are riding the waves of new hope for sure. Love and blessings, Sandi

    • Mary, thank you for your input. I am re-reading the prophetic words I was given this fall and seeing many things coming forth. Blessings, Sandi Holman

  3. Sister Sandi, this word “gather” was following me around for and extended period of time, and now I am carrying the burden of the Lord, which comes with this pregnant word from the heart of the King. I am moved with the pathos of our Messiah when He castigates Jerusalem, Jerusalem; He still gave His life, and said, He would gather them as a mother hen would gather her chicks under her wings. I believe to embrace and live deeper into the way and heart of Messiah, we to must have a city, a place, community, state, or nation(s) that we would brood, weep, and be willing to lay our life down for…even if they don’t accept the movement and moment of the King. The King is raising up and releasing prophets who will weep over what He wants… to “gather” all unto Father’s embrace and original intentions. All allegiance and honor to King Jesus!

    • Greetings, Brian. It has been a busy fall for me and I am just commenting on comments for the words I was given as we entered the fall season. I so appreciate your input and I agree the King is raising up prophets who weep, travail and prevail as He gathers His own for the best is yet to come. BLessings, Sandi Holman

  4. What a great message that confirmed some dreams I have had & reveals more supernatural favors ahead. I once shared the Broadway dream to HELL on HKP which was a wide beautifully decorated way to lure people & many were on queue entering it but none ever stepped out. In early 2019, dreamed of many old servants of God been called home for their crowns while some young ones were watching & wating to be handed their mantles; in April 2022, dreamed & was told to pray in October against those who plan to come & kill people. Recently, Pastor Doug Addison also prophesied we should stand in the gap from October-December, 2022 just as you stated. Few days back, in another dream, a man asked me to dig out an old abandoned heap & when i did, i saw different kinds of plants buried within. I was surprised as I didn’t remember planting on the heap. I key in to God’s New Day, Good Day in Jesus name. Thanks & remain blessed God’s vessel Sandi.

    • Dear Adams, Yes, indeed, this has truly been a time to stand in the gap and focus on the narrow way for BROAD is the road to destruction and we are seeing the staging of the Broad way as never before. Again, I always love your valuable input. Many blessings, Sandi

    • Dear Robert E, I am just now getting back to some earlier words the Lord gave me in the early fall and I humbly apologize for not seeing and answering your comment. I will definitely try to give you a brief answer here and send you an in depth email answer. Briefly, I see the Lord not just gathering but testing, preparing, maturity and gathering AS ONE an end-time remnant,
      “warrior bride” whose hearts and hands have been cleansed and kept in such a way that they are walking in holiness and made ready to fight the fight of faith that is raging in the nations. Blessings, my friend, Sandi

  5. AMEN Sister Sandi! What an unexpected phrase, “It’s a Good Day!”. I have a small placard given to me by a parent of a student I had last year and on it are printed oranges and two words: Good Day.  It sits on a shelf where I see it every day and it is a reminder to me to always smile, be positive and have a good day!!  When I had first received it I thought what an interesting gift and now I know this was not just a happenstance gift.  The LORD was telling me something and now the message is even more clear!  “It’s A Good Day! The Best is On the Way!” Thank you Father!
    Many Blessings to you Sister Sandi!

    • Dear Gabrielle, I loved your story and so sorry to be so late replying but I have over my life time learned that everyday is a good day in some way and our attitude and expectancy are a big part of how we see it. God is a good God and every day has some good thing that we must embrace and see His Hand in. I believe there is a message daily that must be taken before the throne to seek understanding. The best is yet to come for sure!! Blessings to you as well, Sandi Holman

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