Count your blessings, says the LORD — 2 Comments

  1. Iam 68 yrs old…all ive done is wait on the Lord to bring me out of the wilderness…He never will! Ive been decieving myself in thinking He will. A person was supposed to come into my life 36 yrs ago, but he chose to throw me under the bus for fame & fortune. I live in a vaccum,more dead than alive. So this is Gods will for me i guess. Nolove, only hate violence & evil is all i know.

    • Dear Linda,
      We have written to you privately.  Please read, study and pray through what we sent to you.
      “Wildernesses” are remote pastures which the LORD uses for training – as He did Moses and David.  But unless we walk in faith, and follow the LORD’s leading, we can never leave it.
      Linda, you are in our prayers, but remember that we reap that which we sow.  Sowing positivity, will reap positive results as the future is ahead of us, and not behind us.
      Please read what was sent and if you put it into action, your life will change fast for the better.  For it did mine.
      Blessings in Christ,

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