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Counterfeit Anointing and Satanic Power — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for this edifying article, but I want to say that the creeping of witchcraft powers into the church is not limited to Africa, but it is a global trend: it is there even the US, Canada, UK, etc, but in different configurations.

  2. Sometimes growing up spiritually is as easy as watching yourself day to day, if we sleep 8 hrs take off another 2 hrs for eating bathing exercising you have 14 hrs unused time to spend. Someone is going to say what about working the article seems to indicate the ministry which is working for God which makes this all the more important how much time is spent in the Spirit and how much is spent doing what you like to do. Wanting to walk in the power of God is good, show me a Christian that does not want this experience. If we are the temple where the Godhead dwells what all is going on in God’s presence that quenches hinders and neutralizes the movement of the power of God

  3. Spot on my dear brother, Ty. As usual, I hear our Lord through your warnings and your words. Also the balance you present in your writings.

    Likewise I have felt compelled to warn of the counterfeit for many a year.

    Even in one of my books and online here as an author in some of my articles. Many times the more you warn the more you are hated. So many want the glitzy gospel.

    I am now 70 years old and have saw and heard a lot of this creeping into the Churches.

    We must discern properly and keep our focus only on Jesus Christ or be swept away with the false in the churches.

    You are a blessing to me young man for your stand. God bless.

  4. Dear Ty Unruh:

    Your words (above) were well chosen. The Lord looks for humble & pliable hearts to speak through -be they young or old. It is not always the gray-haired saints He speaks through.
    A mature spirit of mercy-grace and WISDOM is already resting on you. Your conveyed this well.

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