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  1. Typo correction:

    It’s a “…fountain became a River…” Yes, that River is Esther.

    The image of the fountain becoming a river in MUCH sunlight is in the SON’s Light (in Thy Light shall we see light & that light will be SEVENFOLD-as the Light of 7 Days, and the Light of the night shall be as the DAY).

    Further, the 2 dragons also in Mordechai’s dream were Mordechai & Haman.. the meek of the earth rose up (in 3 days of prayer and fasting with Esther before she approached the king)… and Israel was delivered as was the main kingdom of Susa & the 127 Provinces. A blood bath was prevented and a day Haman meant for great sorrow, genocide and loss was turned to Deliverance by the Hand of the Almighty.

    Sadly, many lack this scripture unless they have the KJV with the original Apocrypha as this portion of Esther (Like parts of Daniel) were written in Chaldee—Mordecai is translated as “Mardochus.”

    ESTHER (“a Star”) is also a later spelling of the name ERSTER (Resurrection”) while her Hebrew name, HADASSEH means “a Myrtle Tree.”

    Here too is a perfect example of a life Resurrected in Christ YahShua Ha Maschiach.

    “Instead of the Thorn will come up the FIR TREE”
    & “instead of the Brier will come up the MYRTLE TREE.”

    See also
    Job 14:7-9;
    Isaiah 61:3, 60:13, & 6:13

    • Thank you Rachel Jill for your correction. I would love to hear more, as you are well read, it’s exciting to learn all that has been hidden. Please email me if you would like @aylablue@yahoo.com. Blessings to you dear sister. Angela Reese

    • Vivian, you not alone, you have many Heavenly hosts to help. You have watchman on all sides. Seek the things in which produce growth causing the things that have been sown to spring forth, says the LORD. Isaiah 61:11 He is about to propel you higher for there is much work ahead, Blessings over your garden Angela

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