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Dangerous Times — Unveiled Exposure — 4 Comments

  1. God’s blessings be with you Sherry.
    I have just read your post, I have never heard or seen you before and I get the magazine 3x a week?
    I read your amazing post and as I saw your beautiful picture you have put up I could see the light of our father God almighty all around you and shinning out of your holy face.
    I thank God that I saw this post and found you.
    I look forward to reading more of you.
    Thank you may God continue to bless you always. You are a true woman of God.

  2. BLESSSINGS SHERRY VESSEL ON EARTH, as Your GODLY CRYSTAL Transparency as ♥♥♥HIS ONE SERVANT IN THE KINGDOM, for expressing Your self Faith Manifestations, by the LIGHT given to You for Your HIGHLY statement, showing Your truthful ***FAITH OBEDIENCE*** with explicitly to the most profound deepens detail, HONORING HIS WILL & WISDOM to walk in fullness with HIS SHEMMAH SHAMA in Your entire SOUL♥♥♥, AMÉN..!, SELAH..!


    JN 14

    PHP 1

    LK 10

    MT 21

    IS 64

    PR 14

    PS 112-113

    2 PT 1


  3. I wholeheartedly agree with what you wrote and feel Sherry….these are times of persecution..
    Like no other time we have known…also it is a time of separation from evil in people…God taught me long ago to get away from a hot stove to a place of comfort and safety and I believe this what you are doing…we only have to please God not man…fleshly man will not like and will battle it with you and that is what becomes a hot stove that we must back away from to a place OF PEACE

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