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  1. While contemplating the growth of the Chinese Christian’s’ underground meetings, I reviewed what the CCP is doing. Meaning, they are closing all of the church buildings and removing the crosses off of the buildings. And, they put pictures and statues of Chairman Xi and his wife in those now empty church buildings. They have confiscated the Holy Bibles and shut down all house churches. The plan now is to review the publications of the Chinese Holy Bible and delete all Scriptures that they think will help build the faith of the Christians faith in God.

    But here’s an amazing revelation. I prayed and spoke to the LORD. I said that in order for them to change Scriptures and rewrite the Holy Bible , then they will have to study the scriptures. That’s when I asked the LORD for the Holy Spirit will impart understanding to hearts and bring convictions. In order for them to rewrite the Chinese Holy Bibles they will have to read and study the Scriptures themselves. It’s by revelation and impartation from the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we must pray for the Holy Spirit to impart truth and conviction of their need for a Savior.

    • Could this be the reason why the Chinese Christian churches are growing exponentially? The Holy Spirit can download books and verses to the hearts of the Chinese Christians. They can receive dreams and visions and their faith will grow.

  2. God’s blessings be with you Sherry.
    I have just read your post, I have never heard or seen you before and I get the magazine 3x a week?
    I read your amazing post and as I saw your beautiful picture you have put up I could see the light of our father God almighty all around you and shinning out of your holy face.
    I thank God that I saw this post and found you.
    I look forward to reading more of you.
    Thank you may God continue to bless you always. You are a true woman of God.

  3. BLESSSINGS SHERRY VESSEL ON EARTH, as Your GODLY CRYSTAL Transparency as ♥♥♥HIS ONE SERVANT IN THE KINGDOM, for expressing Your self Faith Manifestations, by the LIGHT given to You for Your HIGHLY statement, showing Your truthful ***FAITH OBEDIENCE*** with explicitly to the most profound deepens detail, HONORING HIS WILL & WISDOM to walk in fullness with HIS SHEMMAH SHAMA in Your entire SOUL♥♥♥, AMÉN..!, SELAH..!


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    PHP 1

    LK 10

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    PS 112-113

    2 PT 1


  4. I wholeheartedly agree with what you wrote and feel Sherry….these are times of persecution..
    Like no other time we have known…also it is a time of separation from evil in people…God taught me long ago to get away from a hot stove to a place of comfort and safety and I believe this what you are doing…we only have to please God not man…fleshly man will not like and will battle it with you and that is what becomes a hot stove that we must back away from to a place OF PEACE

    • Be still and separated from chatter.  Listening for His small still voice. While in quiet and contemplation, He will impart revelation. I speak from my own experiences. The underground Churches are exploding. Whether they are in China or some Islamic country, they are in continual faith and worship of the God of the Holy Bible.

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