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“I AM” — The Fourth Man — 4 Comments

  1. Thank You Beloved! You are always so ON Point! So encouraging and such a sweet spirit that represents the Heart of God! Bless You Mightily for your Love of God!

  2. Thank you Deborah..I so needed to hear these words….I HAVE been under severe attack past few these attacks will only serve to strengweeks…one arrow after another…but devil I serve you notice and evict you from all areas of my life…I will not fear for the Lord is with me and will deal you such a blow…

  3. Thank you Deborah!!
    That word “Unscathed” has been spoken over me by the Lord Himself in a dream not too long ago. I’m so grateful for this confirmation today, because in certain moments it feels as if I’m without hope, and then by His Grace a Hope which never fails washes over me, and this is happening over and over throughout the day and night…how GREAT is our God and Father, and our Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, by His Beautiful Spirit today I declare He is SOO Worthy of Honor and Praise and Glory and Power and I’m so so so in Love!!
    Everything is going to be okay :)

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