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  1. Glory Hallelujah!! Many have been preparing for increase an the strengthening of the call of receiving the power of evangelism without fear! Wow! This Word is right in point! In agreement the wake up cry has gone out! Answered!

  2. A “PENTECOSTAL REVIVAL, can solve today’s wrath wrest conditions, for a turn around point of not return, for those whom had become macro zatan vessel’s on earth.
    Unless ♥♥♥HIS FIRES♥♥♥ would be much applicable better for at list 41 nations, that would certainly include the U.S.A. for the latest list absolute genocides by the current faces and hidden other lizard’s whom are associated of full AND complete darkness demonical acts against ♥♥♥HIS KINGDOM♥♥♥ AMÉN..; but remember ♥♥♥HIS FULL POWERS ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL FOR EVERLASTING NEVER TO ENDING♥♥♥ SELAH..!


    PR 9 to 21

    RV 19 to 23

    EPH 4

    RO 8

    LK 14


  3. I can only say that what I’ve witnessed the Lord doing in the last 12 months is exactly this!

    Let His Holy Fire fall upon His remnant.. !!

  4. Thank you Holy spirit for the confirmation of your word. In April, 2021/while I was waiting on the lord for the Feast of Pentecost, I had a dream where I was on my way to church on Sunday & a tall man walked up yo tell me NEW POWER/ANOINTING in a strange dialects & disappeared afterwards. I began to go round in the dream asking many people for the meaning of the word. Surpringly, only two people knew the meaning but explained it in different ways. This I believe the NEW POWER/ANOINTING will be for some selected people & not for many. I had shared part oc this before on HKP. Father Lord, I pray, you consecrate & set your few remnants apart for this New Mantle! More Grace & fresh fire on you Pastor Chris

  5. Me and my family agree, THE CALL FOR BOLDNESS IS OUT (Ap. Paul to Ephesians Church asks for prayer for exactly that), thank you and go ROAR IN WALES.

    Is 61 indeed
    “Lord, we follow Your steps to GO seek and save, Lk 19:10, draw them God, You are Love and Justice”.

    Johannesburg, South Africa ROARS too.

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