Demonstration of the Spirit and of Power


Demonstration of the Spirit and of Power

The apostle wrote, that his speech and his preaching, was not with enticing words of men’s wisdom.  If the Spirit does not speak to us in this hour, we are not going to accomplish anything of true merit.  Our wisdom, is out.  With what little understanding I may have, I see almost nothing, that can turn around the events in this world, that have been set into motion.  Someone needs to say, that it is man’s wisdom, that has brought us to the very brink of utter destruction.

Someone wrote recently that all of this mega this and mega that, is about to come to an end.  Out of fear for their own survival, people will actually stop supporting these things; and without tons of money, it will crumble.  If people want to spend endless dollars on their lighting and super expensive video and sound equipment and building bigger barns, there is nothing to stop them.  Other than if the electricity doesn’t work…  All of that, has no true backbone or Holy Ghost power to it.  If money is worthless, none of it will function; it’s off.  And if the message has no real power, all things will stop.

I’m not trying to be critical; my criticism, wouldn’t change anybody’s mind anyway.  Our focus, is on the wrong things.  Alarm bells, are sounding in the heart and mind, of anyone at all, who is seeking to follow the moving of the Spirit, and to hear what He is saying to the church.  Ask yourself.  What, can we demonstrate; how much of the Holy Ghost is deeply working among us?  Are we truly functioning, at the same level the early church did?  Do we now realize that it was the full power and demonstration of the Spirit, that kept them going?  If not for the Spirit and the actual demonstration of that power, there would be no church today; mere men, could never have survived.

Paul preached something we have to hear all over again.  He said that he preached Christ, and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 2:2).  Jesus Christ, sent the Comforter back.  It was this Comforter, this Holy Ghost, who was going to teach us.  It was the Holy Ghost, who was going to lead us and guide us into all truth.  We can have all of the seminars, special guests and marketing meetings we want; but, if the Holy Ghost does not demonstrate His power, it’s over.  It’s over, before it even gets started.  We’re going to have to have that Power; and I’m not talking about all of this run around the church and jump up and down kind of power.  God help me, but we are going to have to be able to cast out devils; and actually take real dominion over the forces of darkness.

How much power in the Spirit do we have?  Do we have more than we once did, or do we have less?  If we answer and say we have more, then where is the demonstration?  And by the way, what are we comparing ourselves to; the early church, or to what everyone else is doing?

If people are claiming mighty revival, what are they reviving?  Why does the entire country not know about it?

What happened on the day of Pentecost and all of the works of the Spirit done by the apostles hands, was noised abroad everywhere.  How powerful in the Spirit, am I?  Can I follow the Spirit and minister His mighty works?  Can I demonstrate what I say I have?  How prepared, am I?

Desires of the Mind

Many folk are not careful about how they think.  I used to wonder what the apostle really meant, when he talked about the need to bring every thought, into captivity (2 Corinthians 10:5).  I realize more every day, as I learn in studying, that this writer had so many of the shortcomings, that we all face in our lives.  It makes more sense now, that it would be much more realistic and beneficial, if God used a man, that most of us could relate to.  I think he exampled, that one can be spiritual, and still be very human too.

Our thoughts, can get us in trouble.  You see, so many of our teachers, were focusing on the flesh; all of those sins we could so readily name, such as drinking, smoking, mixed bathing, wearing certain clothes, letting your hair grow out or not letting it grow out and so forth.  But the mind; in too many ways, was pretty much unexplored territory.  We may all have even heard phrases about as a man thinks in his heart, so is he, and if he commits sin in his heart, he’s already guilty.  That all applies, except that one adage that said; if you think it, you might as well do it.  Thank the Lord, we all didn’t do everything, we ever thought about doing; God forbid.

It seems, so much was focused on the flesh, that it was surprising to find out, that many were hiding faults, in their mind.  Did we not hear, that we were to cleanse ourselves, from all filthiness of the flesh.  But, too many did not hear, that it also said, we should cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the spirit, also.  What does it mean to have a filthy spirit?  It’s not so hard to figure it out.  It’s having a rotten attitude, always looking for the negative in everything, getting joy out of stirring up trouble and keeping some kind of mess going all the time.  Putting other folks down and constantly attempting to point out other people’s mistakes; perhaps, not knowing how to mind your own business.  It’s sensual and sexual stuff too, but it’s more than that.

We can desire things, and those around us never know it.  You can’t read someone’s mind; not really.  But the Spirit can.  That’s one big reason, that people who are desirous of things they shouldn’t be desiring, do not like those who are gifted in the Spirit.  If they are full of envy and jealousy just because they don’t have what someone else has, they can usually hide it; but, not around these kind of people.  Is it any wonder, that so many in the church as we know it, have not pushed more for the gifts of the Spirit to be fully re-enacted.  Much less, the complete 5-fold ministry.  The Spirit, sees.

Many have gotten in trouble; too many of us have fallen into terrible sin, because we allowed our minds to wander in places, that were unhealthy.  This mind of ours, will let us hide thoughts and feelings there, and even convince us, they are not there anymore.  We can covet things others have, want personal recognition, wealth and fame, and crave power and control, while we tell ourselves we are meek and humble.  We can ask the Lord to show us what’s in our hearts, and not even want Him to reveal it; we don’t really want to see it.  After a while, our mind can convince us, that even God doesn’t see it.  We can lose our mind; chasing after, the wrong things.


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