The Spirits Operating in the Body of Christ


God has been dealing with me so heavily about the spirits that are operating in the Body of Christ and those who allow these spirits to attach to them.

Many times, we are instruments in the hand of satan, because we refuse to forgive someone or we have unresolved issues that we won’t or refuse to deal with.  It amazes me the magnitude of persons that walk in very crafty forms of witchcraft.

Anytime you oppose the Will of God and attempt to sabotage the atmosphere of an ordained move of God, you are operating in divination and in league with the forces of darkness.

So many are walking unrighteous and saying they are doing the work of The Lord.  Prayers against the will of God for a person like praying and decreeing something harmful, will take place in someone’s life, are acts of witches and warlocks.  We will even go as far as to say that God has us opposing someone in the Spirit because secretly, we are looking for them to fail.  Any manipulation, intimidation, or control, is a form of witchcraft.

When a person brings turbulence in your atmosphere and their presence releases bad vibes and heavy tension, you have to know they are operating in a wrong spirit.  Sometimes we are trying to dismiss those little checks God gives us in the Spirit concerning someone, but in reality, it is what it is and they are who God says they are!

Talking from experience, because as leaders we reach out to persons and hold on to them because of compassion of heart, but if we don’t face the reality of who people truly are, we will find ourselves always fighting against demonic spirits, always having disturbance in our atmosphere, experiencing chaos, going around in a circles, and never fully receiving all that God has for us!

I want what The Lord has for me!   IT’S A NEW SEASON!


Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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