Do YOU Bank on MY Mercy?


I remember one of the most thought provoking things the LORD told me was…

He said, “My children always lean on the fact that I AM merciful and gracious, but they forget that Satan is not merciful and gracious.  So while in their sin, they are banking on My mercy, while Satan is robbing them of time, deliverance, and blessings.  The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.”

People today only want “feel good” messages of love, grace and forgiveness, but we seem to have forgotten the God of the Old Testament (who very well, still exists); the God of justice, judgment and reproof.  In this process, we have also underestimated the god of this world…Satan.

Saints, we simply don’t live in warm and fuzzy times.  These messages will only rock you back to sleep, and cause you not to hear the alarm that is sounding.  It is these very types of messages that has caused the church to fall into “zombie” mode in the first place.

My duty is to sound the alarm; to awaken a dead/sleeping church.  And there is nothing soft about an alarm…

I cannot compromise for man.  In the end I will stand before God, alone, and I will have to answer to Him.

There is nothing in the Bible that indicates that the truth feels good; it states that it will set you free.  And who the Son sets free, is free indeed.


Shabbat Shalom
~ Mena Lee Grebin

Mena Lee GrebinMena Lee Grebin of Faithful Walk Healing Ministries operates in the office of a prophet, ministers, counsels, mentors and prays for anyone who is in need of Christ’s eternal love.  Her purpose is to bring His {Jesus Christ} truth and light to a lost generation.

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Do YOU Bank on MY Mercy? — 1 Comment

  1. Yes , Mena I agree with you, warm and fuzzy messages do not set us free , in fact they stunt our growth in Lord. Thank you for your message. Sadly, most christians only want to go to the happy place messages.

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