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Established Hearts Shall Conquer the Corrupt Establishment — 6 Comments

  1. Sandi-

    I loved ‘perseverance’. ‘For the JOY that was set before Him’, was the message Lord had me share at church. I must need more of it in these times. Shalom

  2. Yes! Lord! Amen!
    At Your command Lord! No more, No less!
    We trust in You Lord!
    Thank You Jesus!
    Thank you Sandi!

    • Good morning, dear Marc, I love your response. “at your command”. As I paused to think about that, I realize, that is where the Lord is compelling His bride to reply quickly. You are so welcome. We both give thanks to JESUS. Bless you day BIG! Sandi

  3. Loved this Sandi.
    One place where the Lord spoke to you stood out to me:“Faith will move mountains. My Word will defeat the enemy — but you must believe it with all your heart. Faith gives substance to My Word.” what a gold nugget of truth.
    We must keep standing, believing and declaring the Word with power from on high. Much love, joyce

    • My sweet friend, Joyce as I read your comment and was reflecting on the established heart, I just want to say, I thank God for you in my prayers because I know you and that I know that I know your heart is established and you are immovable in your love and faith. I am so grateful for all the good nuggets you share and all the encouragement you give to me and so many others. I love you and so confident that you really are as close as a sister could be. Sandi

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