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  1. It’s amazing this prophecy is more than a year old, and yet the Lord has awakened myself and my husband to this truth! We never saw him as a messiah, but we thought he was doing a pretty good job?? Our eyes are opened, now for about 6 months. People get very angry when we try to share this truth! It’s the great deception!

  2. On Election Day in early November 2016 I asked the LORD in prayer whether I should vote for Donald J. Trump. The Spirit of the LORD spoke unto my spirit that Donald J. Trump is a “false messiah”. In Matthew 24:24 KJV, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself admonishes, “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Everyone whom compares Donald J. Trump to King Cyrus is disgustingly deceived by a lying spirit and a cloak of covetousness that has been loosed on this fallen nation as a Set Judgment of the Most High God against this very abominable nation! Thank you, man of God, Prophet Stephen Hanson for your obedience to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit that proceedeth from the Father God, the Spirit of Truth to bear witness of the Testimony of Jesus prophesied in this very serious prophetic word of the LORD! God bless you in Christ Jesus, Forevermore!

  3. The Beast, Leviathan is already here and has been here for many years. The Beast resides at the Altar of every Denominational Church and when you kneel at the altar, you are kneeling before the Beast. A Revelation from the Holy Spirit given to me back in 1980’s. And as I said before, all religious people who have not been raptured, the antichrist, who has the Beast inside of him will capture these people, take them into prison and later be forced to bow down and worship the Beast who will make himself a statue of gold at a Temple or Church to be worshipped. If they do not bow, they will be martyred. Heads cut off. The Spirit of God is coming for His Remnant and the Remnant are few in number; as the Spirit told me. This is nothing new to me.

  4. I believe this is a true word of God.  Last year as I was meditating on Rev 13:18, the words “wisdom” and “666” stood out to me.  I kept thinking where have I heard both of these before in the bible?  I found it is 2 Chron 9:13 where 666 talents represents the gold that Soloman received yearly.  Note: Soloman was the wisest person on the earth.  Then I googled “Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas” and got hit in Wikipedia.  There is a picture of a gold skyscraper with Trump across top.  That skyscraper is wrapped in 24-karat gold infused glass.  My point is Soloman built the Lord’s temple and everything in it was gold.  Trump built a building to himself and it is wrapped in gold infused glass.

    • Dear Brother in the Lord, Thank you for the truth! When all are going the way of the world there iso e who will stand for the King of Kings. Thank you

  5. Thank you for the words of alert. Elightened as they are, be alert people . Fir the end of your life is coming. If you do not care about your salvation then you are condemned says the word. Scary but true. It’s time to wake up and live for the future of Eternal life. Only in the Messiah, Yeshua Jesus Christ is life. Seek His presence and answers of life through the Holy Spirit. Preach the word brother. The truth will set us free. Blessings.

  6. I can’t disagree with u. Nor can I point fingers at anyone till the Lord reveals 2 me as he does to u and others. I truly believe god reveals his secrets 2 those faithful 2 him. Deep does call unto deep. I do agree that deception is high which is y we need all the more 2 live and breath the holy spirit that God has gifted to us

  7. Satan has many deceived, it is the Lord God who will teach us in these last days or else we all will perish. As we are in the year of the Jubilee, watch as the month of new beginning, Thishri will usher in these teachers by the release of God’s End Time Message to YOU, O Precious One.

  8. Words of the so called Prophets are scattered to the wind. Ten Prophets, ten different words. God is not a God of confusion. If that is true, then the Prophets no longer speak from the heart of God, but rather their own.  Truly sadl to watch so many blindly speak of what they want, for they think it is all about them.

    • I understand Chris. Please know that this is certainly not about me. Many who claim to be prophets speak from their own opinions and thoughts at times. However, the Holy Spirit gives discernment to know what is true and what is not. Seek Him and no man.

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