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  1. I have hesitated, as well. I campaigned hard for Trump in 2020. After the election was stolen, I realized that God was up to something. He pulled me out of politics completely, and in the last few months pulled my daughter out of Washington. I decided to read the book of Daniel from start to finish the other day. When reading about the little horn, I clearly saw Donald Trump‘s face. He’s the only one on the stage right now that fits the description. What I found amazing is that it says “he will persecute the saints for 3 1/2 years“. That word persecute in Hebrew actually means “to weary, or wear out“.  All the promises, all the hype, all the hope in a man. Wearing out the Saints. I have a very difficult time with people who say that God is going to avenge and bring justice in the nations prior to the end. There’s nowhere in scripture that supports that. Things will continue to get worse according to the word of God, And the word “endure“ is spoken so many times by our Lord, it denotes, that this will not be easy, nor will we see justice at the hands of humankind. Everything is going to devolve into wickedness. We need to be ready. False Hope, is the same as false prophecy.

  2. Trump is not the AntiChrist, or our Savior. America will have a window of the greatest Awaking, the salvation of many. Trump will come to power for a short time, this is the window, times of restoration, healing, the church will emerge from the ashes, the dry bones will be revived. It will also be A time of exposure, separation of the sheep and goats, a falling away of many and a great time to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

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