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False Prophets and Ravaging Wolves in the Churches and Everywhere — 9 Comments

  1. Dear Sis. Joyce,

    Thank you for always writing from your heart, plain to see – easy to digest.

    Interesting what you wrote, as I’ve been writing similar posts on some other sites lately. Seems I’ve felt to reach out to many disheartened & disillusioned ‘younger’ believers who are feeling tossed ‘to and fro’ – shipwrecked, precisely b/c they have followed the teachings/ministries of known names & ministries, who have not been what they preached. Many fallouts are taking place now.

    I keep going back to the Word, where the Lord clearly tells us there will be false shepherds, teachers in the last days. My heart has been breaking for the thousands whose faith was shaken, b/c they (unknowingly) thought their’leader’was living in truth.

    Any idol (man, ministry, ‘movements’ money, sex, power) is going to be knocked down.

    I’m often asking the Lord to ‘search me, try me’, to see if there be any wicked way in me.

    The Lord God desperately loves His Church – He is a jealous God. I believe this hour we are is showing just how jealous He really is. Keep us in thy truth Lord.  Blessings

    • Thank you Elizabeth and I am on board with your words you expressed 100%. ❤️
      My heart is breaking also as you said for the many deceived. If your like me these kind of posts usually don’t get a lot of response. Still if for one person to wake up and desire to get out of the ‘show’ it is so worth it! Thank God His precious Word never will return void. Hugs and prayers sister.

  2. Nettie,

    Timelines for prophetic words need A LOT OF GRACE. Our own perceptions interfer in how we interpret things. Our own hearts can get in the way at times in setting dates or we misunderstand what the LORD is saying because of our perception & experiences.

    Example: GOD says something will happen “soon”. Soon to GOD can mean within the next 1000 years. Soon to many of mankind means a microwave second!  GOD’S use of language doesnt always have the same meaning as ours.

    GOD JUDGES US ALL. It’s better to look at your own sins first.


    Blessings, Bev

    • Thank you Bev and Amen for your response. It was spoken in love, truth and in spirit. Sometimes I miss reading things cloaely, as going too fast. We sure all need one another, huh? Hugs

  3. Thank you Sandi. I love you much my sister. Hope to catch up soon. Maybe we can have a prayer time before long. Hugs and blessings

  4. There’s 2 more. In Deuteronomy we are told that we should not fear a prophet who sets a date, that passes without the event prophesied happening.

    Second, it says to test the Spirit. How? Pray, but also, read the Word. Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy, and Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh. The Word is thus linked to the Spirit of Prophecy.

    Thus, to test the Spirit, you test it by the Word itself. If they prophecy something that is in direct contrast to what the Bible prophesied, then it’s not from the Holy Spirit, but another spirit. It HAS to line up with what the Word has prophesied.

    But we must also be careful and not make assumptions about what the Word prophesied. Sometimes we misunderstand the Bible, or interpret something wrongly, and that doesn’t mean the prophet is necessarily false.

    We are also tasked NOT to follow and listen to the false prophets, or entice them, as we ourselves are then in danger of being judged equally with them, accordingly to Jeremiah 14 and Ezekiel 14. It is scary passages, those two. Listening to false prophets can be very, very dangerous to us. And I’m afraid many of us will stand naked in front of God on the Day, because of those 2 passages. It scares me tremendously.

    • Nettie I can’t tell if I lost my comment to you or not that I was trying to write?
      If so thank you much for all your valuable comments. God bless you.

  5. Oh what a word!! Those 3 guidelines are so powerful. Love that old song. The words ring out and grip my heart with fresh love, dear Joyce. Love you bunches, Sandi

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