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    • Leroy,

      Mitch McConnell & his friends, other RINOS, are a HUGE ELEPHANT in the room. But read below because the LORD sees a different & much bigger picture of it all.

      “I thought the Elephants symbolized the US Republican turncoats, who were actually voting against their own people in The US House of Congress.

      But The LORD said, “No! It’s bigger than that.

      The Elephant represents all those who appeared to be friends to the community/ America and other Nations, but then turned on them to try to destroy, bully, and intimidate, them through running down the crops, demolishing their homes and buildings, killing people, and using propaganda techniques, as well as physical contact and destruction.

      Which is what the enemy has done in America and the world.”

      Thank you so much for responding. God Bless you! Bev

  1. The reference to the writing on the wall has been spoken at least 3 times now by different prophets. In the mouth of 2 or 3 let every matter be DECIDED! Praise the Lord how I long to see vindication and justice.

  2. Wow..what a dream and more than that..what about the DONKEYS?? LOL! Thanks, Bev for sharing that powerful dream and word from the Lord. Love and blessings, Sandi

    • Thank you for the word of the Lord,I believe and receive,any will ask the Lord for more wisdom on the matter in my home and community.Amen

    • Sandi,

      GOD did say that it was bigger than the Republican Turncoats, so I believe that includes the donkeys & all those others who have been evil. GOD doesn’t overlook anything. He sees it all!

      GOD BLESS YOU! Thank you so much for your kind response!

      Blessings! Bev

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