Pressed Out Of Measure


Years back now, and likely even today, we were taught, that you could not be honest with God.  You did not dare tell Him how you really felt, even about Him.  This was considered akin to blasphemy, and would surely evoke the anger and judgments of God.  Recently, I was thinking that I was still being punished, for some things I thought I had been forgiven for.  This voice, spoke to me. “Is that the kind of God you are serving?”

Although I was many years grown, and had been around church for a long time, I had never thought much of what David said in some of his psalms writing.  After much failure and accepting his wrongs, he became known as a man after God’s own heart.  We preached that openly.  But what was it that earned him that place?  During a time of much searching and strong rejection, God begin to lead me to things David actually said to Him.  I was astounded.

People can sit on their high horse and never admit, that there have been times, they felt God had let them down.  The very idea that we cannot be real with God, is one of those false teaching that somebody obviously slipped in among us.  What we have to really do, is look back down the road, and ask ourselves, just what kind of relationship did we truly have with Him anyway.  And while we are talking, it’s past time, to also ask, what kind of relationship have we had with Jesus Christ.  How well have we known Him?

Hurry up!  I am being run over here.  I am being battered to pieces, the enemy is laughing at me, and the other brothers and sisters, are pointing a finger at me.  They say I’m being punished by God for something; that I’m surely done for.  Where are you?  I am just going down for the last time; if you don’t come soon, it’s over for me.  All of these things, David said.  We need to be reminded, that David had a repentant heart.  He also spent a great deal of his time praising and worshipping his God.  It was not a one-sided kind of relationship; living in fear that every step would send him to hell.

It is a failure of the church, that we could not trust each other.  We can be assured, that his was not God’s intention.  It also was not the doctrine and teaching of Jesus Christ, or the Apostles either.  It is a powerful relief, that we ourselves can approach boldly, to the Throne Room.  People picking and choosing the scriptures they want to enforce, has left us nobody else to turn to.  It’s past time, that we ask ourselves, what kind of people are we.  Those baptized in the Spirit, cannot be trusted, to help others who have faults?

I recall about the first time I told God, that I felt He had let me down.  I was over my head; it seemed everything had gone wrong and no matter what I did, there was no hope.  I stood there, and I waited for the sky to fall on me.  I just knew that at the very next moment, the earth would open up and I would fall straight into the pit.  What did happen, was that the brimstone, did not occur.  What did come about, was that God and I actually developed a much greater relationship, than I had ever known before.  It had never occurred to me, that He knew He could trust me.  I worship Him!


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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