He is Blessing Your Storehouses! — 3 Comments

  1. Wonderful teaching.  Thank you for sharing what is on your heart.  I have a hard time dealing with people who are jealous of me because I have the favor of the Lord on my life. Listen they did not walk the road I walked, suffering pain, rejection and even treats on my life,lose of a child by taking him to another country. I could go onthe but you get the point.  I never blamed God I knew it was choices I made. My life is a surrendered life and God comes first.

  2. I was reading 1John 3/4 today
    The Lord had said to me before that Love should be my lifestyle and not a feeling
    This was confirmed in his words, and For it is in loving others, I show that I am loving God
    Thank you for your message, which adds that I should love myself too.
    This is from the Father’s heart

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