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  1. Amen. Thank you Adams. I just got through listening to a worship video by Paul Wilbur about “Let the Weight of Your glory Fall”
    Somehow when I read your comment it reminded me of that song.
    God’s richest blessings

    • Paul Wilbur’s Album “Shalom Jerusalem” is one of my favorite from him. Yes Mama, the revival fire we have been praying & waiting for is actually, ” Let the weight of his Glory fall on us”. Its already falling on you & those who fervently join you in prayers. Thanks for praying for me always.

      • Absolutely true Adams. Be blessed this day.
        You are welcome for prayers and I desire prayers also for my family and myself.

        • Thank you Mama. Am standing in the gap for you & the family as well as Satan is trying to creep in & weigh you down through family issues. God will win all your household to Himself & destroy satanic lies.  Be encouraged in the Lord like king David!

  2. Thank you, sister Joyce. I have been watching all 3 prayer videos. Surely, a man who prayed and asked with respect and true intentions before the LORD FATHER GOD. Please, see my following words not as a reproach. It is written in the Old and in the New Testament, that believers kneeled before the LORD and / or how they stretched out hands to HIM, and / or face down to the ground, even laying on the floor before HIM. Such intense prayers should never be filmed on cameras, but matter of fact is, all over the world this happens. Churches are on livestream, prayers and tears of the saints are recorded and broadcasted into all places. Again, please, do not anybody see this as a reproach, but as an exortation.

    • Myriam, no offense taken, but I do wish to respond.
      I asked the man to pray.
      Also I had the peace of God about videoing.
      It was to share and perhaps bless many others.
      You couldn’t see everyone in the last service there.
      One was in the floor crying out, some were walking crying out to the Lord, etc.
      At the same time we had Shofars going. The Glory of His Prescence filled the place! That was wonderful.
      It is a position of the heart, Myriam.
      Yes we can and should get on our knees when possible. Just know some people can’t get on their knees or lay on a floor.
      Thank you and God bless you, Myriam.

      • Tonight I have some time to read comments and some other postings that I missed. Sister, thank you for your kind answer. It touched me. I want to apologize where I was wrong or too critical. I should have known that you recorded the videos that they might bless others. About the song you mentioned from Paul Wilbur: Oh my sister, this song always brings tears up. And the shofar version you chose in the prayer videos, exactly this version I heard during the last Rosh Hashana, few days ago.

        • Thank you Myriam. Apology received.That was the shofar version we listened to over all of Rosh Hashanuh. It is so very anointed. Have a wonderful night,sis.

  3. Hallelujah! When His Praises go up (i.e when we come together in agreement singing, praying, worshipping etc Him from our hearts); God will respond as His Glory will come down in our midst!  Recall Revelations 8:4-5.  VERSE 4 says : And as the smoke of the incense which came with the prayers of the saints ascended up before God out to the angel’s hand. VERSE 5 says: And the angel took the censor and filled it with fire from the altar; and cast it upon the earth and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightinings, and an earthquake. Mama, the impacts of His Glory above would either positively bring: Reverence, healing, more anointing, divine strength, favor, Grace, etc OR negatively as His Glory will completely destroy satanic plots & strongholds over you & all that concerns you, families, nations, the Bride, remnants etcetc. This is just the beginning as God is set to do more in days ahead!
    More Grace Lord on Mama Joyce, your watchman to press in, run the race well & stay faithful to the end in Jesus name!

    • Powerful Words Adams! Often times I only see them a lot later. God bless your walk with the Lord, son. May we ever stay close to the Fathers heart.

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