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Hear the Sounds (Part 2) — 6 Comments

  1. Beautifully spoken. Loved Adams contribution from his comment. SO very true about the LOUD satanic sounds screaming at us constantly. Very insightful and may I say, Destiny and Jonathan speak so well of ‘children learn what they live’. All the advice, teaching etc are good…but it is so true what they live is imparted. You are certainly making that happen, dear Joyce. Love you my sister, Sandi

    • Thank you dearest Sandi. Adams contributed a lot and I so appreciated it. Also thank you for being a true inspiration to us all on here!
      Hugs and prayers, Joyce

  2. Adams Amen and thank you.

    Hope you saw your very insightful comments in the write up above.

    It really helped my message to go out. God bless you

    • Yes Mama I did see the lifted comments but deliberately refused to say anything on it so I don’t take the Glory to myself but rather return all the Glory & Honor to our God who grants wisdom. Am always praying for you & j really cherish all your love via prayers, concerns etc towards us here in Africa. Don’t back down Mama despite the TESTS which the Lord will turn into TESTIMONIES whether Satan likes it or not! You’re an onward soldier of Christ, keep your gaze on Jesus alone. Thanks once more Mama for everything!

      • Adams I did feel that was what you are doing, but even so, the Lord says give honor to whom honor is due! Thank you again.
        Also you are welcome and I receive your admonitions from our Lord!
        Must say, I am feeling for the next while to concentrate on Prison ministry more, and some other ministry endeavours, personal and otherwise.
        I will be back on here in God’s apointed time.
        I am blessed and well but still do have some health issues I also need to really work on and address.
        Prayers going forth for Angus and Jill & all the ones here who contribute and write. 
        God bless you.

  3. Mama, this prophetic words is not a coincidence but a confirmation as they are lots of prophets who have recently posted words on Sounds from Heaven as well. Yes, God’s true sounds bring forth His Glory & revival fire on us just as you rightly posted with scriptures to back it up. On the contrary, satanic sounds bring destruction, curses, sicknesses, chaos, early deaths, evil etc. May the Holy spirit help us to be wise, hear & embrace God’s real true sounds that revive us in Jesus name. Thanks for being a watchman & God’s true Apostle! More Grace!

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