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  1. Thank you Dr Dee for this now word. Every word is accurate for me today. I have being praying for years for the manifestation of GOD’S promises of provision and abundance. The scripture GOD gave me yesterday was Isaiah 66 vs 9. This morning I had a dream of holding a baby dressed in all pink . I started t0 walk to this place in a room. 2 chairs were already taken the 3rd chair was empty but i was meant to sit on it. As I took my place to sit with my baby facing a crowd of seated people. My brother seated in the front row. Was upset and said why didnt you tell our mother about your baby. And the dream ended. I’m trusting GOD for an interpration of this dream. As I read your word I sense my dream is connected with the words you have spoken
    Please keep me in prayer. Thank you so much.

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