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Warning: It is Very Soon! — 3 Comments

  1. ♥♥♥HIS FORBERANCES had run out of abusing disobediences and absolutes LIMITATIONS, for true denials of the created Childs on this planet earth; so many must check the consequences to come, without NOTICE & SUDDENLY; AMÉN..!♥♥♥


    READ BOOKD OF Zachariah; Leviticus; Proverbs; Revelation; Deuteronomy; Psalms.!

    Note: would be appropriate the monitor censurers’ not abuse, delete this current message!- AMÉN unless You feel HIS intercession fully.! SELAH..!

  2. Yes, I have fresh revelations that we have entered into what I would say represent the last 30minutes on the clock before it is 00:00 and time so to speak ends according to God’s timetable.

    Have you not used the time until now wisely in the sight of the Father then you must do it now ad long as”time” (to repent and come into the right position in the Lord) still exist,because that is the only reason time exist at all.

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