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Hostile Lands Require Humble Leaders — 6 Comments

  1. Has the ‘church’ been a positive experience or a negative experience? It is difficult to say. My experiences with the Lord have always been positive. My experiences with the Lord have never been negative. I need to focus on unity with the Lord rather than disunity with the ‘church.’ It is not so much disunity with the church, it is disunity with darkness. It is humility with the Lord. Rick Joyner has written about the mantle of humility. There is an “apron of humility” in 1 Peter 5:5 (TPT). Before we judge people, we need to put on the mantle of humility. We don’t know about other people’s experiences. For example, I have an awl in my forehead. Could anyone cope better than I have? I would say that the thorns on the Lord’s head would be like having an awl in your forehead. Priscilla Van Sutphin has witnessed the awl. I scream in pain during the night after I have taken excessive medication. The Lord is the awl expert (Deut 15).

  2. Amen. Thanks. The “church” in general, is SO dysfunctional. I know cuz I’m a recovering dysfunction.
    I was just reading earlier 2PT1.4. The part that jumps out at me in that verse is “being partakers (koinonia) in The Divine Nature” The word “being” is actually GINOMAI which means “becoming”. PTL! It is a PROCESS, a Divine process. If we do our part( the last part of the verse) and build our koinonia and love relationship with Him, His process can be accomplished. And thanks be to God for His Amazing Grace that inables us to continue in the faith that works through love!! God has His Shepherds and Leaders in Process in the Wilderness, and they are about to come forth, leaning on their Beloved, only, as terrible as an army with banners, to accomplish and complete His Great Plan and Harvest. Eph 4.11-16

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