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I AM Will Not Allow This Evil to Continue — 6 Comments

  1. Not confirmed to my spirit at all. Still we must remember to all walk in love! To test and try the spirits is what the Lord requires of us.

  2. Father, please, in Jesus name, confirm this word to me alone by your Holy Spirit.
    If these are your words, then those in our family, friends, neighbors, who are God fearing, seek your face, love you, will go to hell?

    Lord, all things are in your power, so I test these words according to the scripture, and ask that if true, these words go forth to warn all. if not true, then let them cease immediately.

    Father, you are a forgiving God, and I don’t believe the JAB is the mark, although evil.
    many believers, even innocent children, have taken it out of fear.
    if these words are true,
    please, please, please, have mercy on them all in Jesus name

    • I agree, I do not believe this is from our Lord and Savior Jesus. He gave everything to save His people so do you think He will allow satan to steal away half the world without them knowing they are making a wrong choice. I am not saying this shot is not going to hurt them but it is not the mark of the beast. The word very clearly gives warning about the mark and this does not line up with what the word says. All should go back and read it for themselves. People are deceived into thinking their government and medical people would not give them something to kill them but they have done this, Even Israel has fallen for this deception and they have some of the smartest medical people in the world.

  3. I come in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ who came to earth as a man in the flesh.

    I touch and agree with every word in the Name of Jesus that the Father may be glorified.

    Praise Yahweh, Yeshua and the Ruach Hakodesh. The only One worthy of praise! ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD. I seal this word in the blood of Jesus Christ and put the signet ring stamp of approval from the Lord Jesus Christ on it. In Jesus’s Name amen.

  4. this word about children not been vaccinated: on 21/08/2021 Father speaks through a prophetic dream about a turnaround in the vaccine pertaining the cbildren which are coming.In the dream i was sitting in a car with a father and his 9 year old daughter..he told me that she wants to take the vaccine..i told her that she is healthy and does not need the vaccine..the father then reverse with his car..there is definetly a turnaround coming in vaccinating children..

  5. YES…………….!, AMÉN..! AMÉN…! AMÉN..! SELAH..!