In His Time


The book of the Preacher, says that there is a time for all things.  There is a time to build up, and a time to tear down.  Perhaps one of the hardest things about His time, is that it might mean, we have to wait; and often, for a very long time.

I recall sitting in a Sunday morning service a good ways back now and hearing the speaker talk about Joseph.  He spoke of just how many years it took for his vision to be fulfilled.  I think he said it was something like fifteen years.  May I say, I didn’t want to hear that.

Just how long must one humble themselves, before the LORD chooses to exalt them?  No time limit.  I yet still can almost get a bit offended when someone points to their watch and says, this is not God’s time.  These days, weeks, months and years we ascribe to, were instituted by men; and it can be so frustrating when it does not match God’s time clock.

I often feel so small, when I hear that this Earth is so many billion years old.  It only took God six days, but how long was a day back then; was it like a thousand years?

“Be still, and know that I AM God,”  Psalm 46:10,  is a verse that was given to me, right in the middle of one of the roughest times of my life.  I won’t tell the circumstances I found myself in; but you can be sure, they were serious days.  The very idea of being still, was almost totally out of my scope of reality.  But, it worked.  In spite of it all, I took a deep breath, and threw myself to Him; I was delivered from the worse of it.  The help did come, but I had to be still, to get it.

“Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD,”  Exodus 14:13.  Remember when, Moses said this to God’s people.  See it now, the army of the king of Egypt and all of their chariots were steaming up behind them.  I can imagine the smoke that went up as they charged forward to catch up with those fleeing.  Excuse me, but what did you say?  To stand still? Don’t tell it on me, but I’m sure I would have been the first one to take off running in the other direction; as fast as I could.

There was another time when God’s people were surrounded by those who wished to subdue them and enslave them all.  To their surprise, this time, they were told, “ye shall not fight this battle, set yourselves, stand still, and again, see the salvation of the LORD,”  Exodus 14:13.

I believe this message is meant to say, that there are times, that there is nothing more we can do.  We’ve given it our best; we’ve prayed and cried, we pleaded our case, and nothing seems to be moving; it feels like a dead-end.  Now, “ye shall hold your peace,”   Exodus 14:14.

I don’t think we can learn these things, until we have gone through the struggle, and we are absolutely helpless of the outcome.  Let them talk; let their spirits push you and poke at you.

The truth is, they will not hear anything you say anyway.  God keeps all of His promises; it’s the timing we get lost in.

I heard a well know minister say something years ago, that I’ve never forgotten.  He also spoke about Joseph, and all of the others. “If it is truly of God, it will come to pass, no matter what.”  In due time; and that is, in His time.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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