Mountains Melt Like Wax

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Mountains Melt Like Wax

The mountains of sin and shame are laid waste in His presence.  The mountains of grief, depression and sorrow and hurt are laid waste by the JOY He’s pouring out!

The mountains of anxiety, fears, and mental torments are leveled by His PEACE poured out in us.  The mountains of anger, rage, hatred, prejudice, rebellion and rejection are melted away by His love poured out in us.

This is why we shake in His presence; the mountains shake in His presence.

He is shaking off oppression, lies, doubts and insecurities.

He is shining His glory on us and in us that it might radiate outward to the church and the LOST. THIS IS NOT A PHASE !  This IS the purifying of the BRIDE!

THIS is the WIND of HOLINESS!….  that comes before the mightiness of the KINGDOM of GOD; wind that will blow across the nations and bring in the end-times harvest of souls before His coming.

THERE IS AN AWESOME TASK BEFORE US!  REMOVE the roadblocks.  Push away the stones that block the way.

PRAY!  Cease not from prayer!  IT IS IN THE ONE-ANOTHERS that revival is born now!

Don’t look for the hard ways!  Don’t look for the old and tried ways.  Wait on me on me and I will direct you in the path you will take.

CEASE FROM STRIVING.  Be Mary, not Martha.  Sit at My feet and listen.

The Source of True Help

There will be earthquakes all over this land.  The systems of business and education and medicine will fall one by one.  

You must be PREPARED because life in these United States will not be as abundant as it has been and violence will increase because of it.

Truly all will be shaken from their worldly beliefs because there will be no relief from Witchcraft, Unity, Scientology, Mormonism, or any other New Age or Satanic philosophies.  The only SOURCE of true help will be GOD Himself.  Only by coming to the SOURCE (Jesus) will they be saved.

Surely all flesh will tremble at the sound of My name one way or another.  My desire is NOT to destroy, but to give life abundantly and forever with Me.  Come to Me now while I may be found.  This nation has poured it’s abundance down the TOILET!  Instead of properly worshipping Me and coming to Me for how to spend it.  They’ve spent it on themselves and have become oblivious, insensitive and even immune and apathetic to the needs of the POOR, the fatherless the abused, the widows, and the women who are left alone!  They only care for themselves (exclusivity), NOT the LOST!

To the degree there is selfishness without repentance in this nation, and to the degree of self-will and independence apart from Me – THERE WILL BE JUDGEMENT!

(I was eating celery with peanut butter and the Lord said, “One day you will never think to throw away the leaves of this plant, or to let fruit or other things spoil in the refrigerator, because it will all be too valuable compared to the present affluence!”)

JUSTICE, MERCY and FAITH are the weightier matters of the law.

Received from Holy Spirit, September 18, 1995.

My Name Will Be Made a Praise

I will make the food to ROT in their stomachs for those who have glutted themselves despite the haunting needs of those who are desperate and hungry.  For they are hungry for more than food.  They are hungry for ME!

Even a TV show as desolate as Jay Leno (had watched his interviewing people on the street to see if anyone knew the ten commandments) exposes the need of this nation and mocks their ignorance, yet My people sit satiated in their own homes, devoid of pity for the poor and needy.

Their apathy and complacency are a stench in My nostrils, and like the children of Israel in the desert, they dare to complain before Me as if they had no means of their own to help the poor!  They complain like heartless guttersnipes about the lazy, the homeless, the desperate, yet won’t lift their hands to help them themselves.

When I lift Myself up, they WILL tremble and they will no longer laugh heartlessly, but will be ashamed and cringe at their own shame.  For surely life’s hardships demand compassion to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Surely the clatter of their cries comes to Me and it breaks My heart that there are few who stand up for them, but most close their eyes and push them away from their heart so as not to feel the pain.

So many unhealed lives and so few to soften the pain and grief!  Surely My name will be made a praise in the earth!

I will reveal My name to them, and many will come to the brightness of My glory!  Fear not, little flock, for your King will come to you and to those who are found faithful, will I reveal Myself through.

The winds are blowing more than dust and ash around.  My winds are blowing, and I will separate the wheat from the chaff and MY house will be filled with MY GLORY!  And the earth will tremble at My presence, and they will know that I AM LORD!  Behold the earth quakes before Me and righteousness will spring forth! Isaiah 45:8.

Received from Holy Spirit, October 24, 1996.


~ Priscilla

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