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UK: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine — Confirmation — 3 Comments

  1. Wow this message really stood out to me and my heart is beating fast as I read it. I’ve been praying for unity between NI, ROI, Eng, Scotland and Wales and for our leaders and people. I have also in the last few days starting to read and study the book of Exodus! So amazing. Im from Northern Ireland so I’ll step up my prays for the nations. Thank you x

  2. The battle that is unfolding cannot and will not be won in the physical, but rather in the spiritual, and that the only answer and solution can only be found in a “nation turning and returning to its first love.

  3. Only God can end this crisis. Boris Johnson CAN’T, his government CAN’T. President Trump and his government CAN’T, the EU CAN’T.  We mere humans CAN’T. THIS is why I have always said that all this panic is exactly what it is and should be seen as such. If the world would ONLY CRY OUT TO GOD instead of thinking we can do this ourselves, this could have been cured LONG AGO. We WILL NOT beat this virus in isolation. ALMIGHTY GOD WHO CREATED HEAVEN, EARTH AND THE UNIVERSE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN!!!!! HE is the one with with the POWER, AUTHORITY AND ABILTY TO DO IT. WE DO NOT. It really is time that we finally believed this.

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