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It Is a Set Back, Not a Set Up! — 1 Comment

  1. With all due respect, it is important to recognize that when a person sins and they REPENT never to return to that sin, God places that sin in the sea of forgetfulness. When people bring up their sin as a reminder of what was former, it is actually the work of accusations. I have noticed many ministers are not relying on God to share where this person is, instead they are relying on a man’s voice or another Pastor’s voice. The Lord requires us to test the spirit and when He instructs us to do so, He didn’t leave out those in the ministry. It is also important to stay away from sharing slander, gossip and false accusations. Just because a person sinned in one area doesn’t mean they sinned in another. When a Pastor is relying on the voice of people (whose intentions are to destroy someone) without any discernment or Godly wisdom, yet chooses to expose the information as true, there is a spirit of error involved. Just because someone refuses to accept a lie that is being told about them does not make them stiff neck. Would you accept a lie? Be careful not to be decieved. Galatians 3:1

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