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Jesus Also Prayed For You! — 5 Comments

  1. thank you, we have to get it right in the home first, before we can take it to the streets. God bless.

  2. Dear sister Mena; God has richly blessed you with His wisdom. Myself I have experienced both. I married when I was barely 17 the first time, and was in that relationship for 31 years. It was an abusive, unequally yoked relationship. I have 4 wonderful children from it, but this relationship was my wilderness. I became born again at 19, and my first husband never came around until at the end of his life.but, I stayed and even though I was being taught much from the Lord by staying. There came a time, after 31 years, God was leading me out. But I always prayed consistently through the years for him, and he did turn at the end. Glory to God. Then I married again at age 50. My husband and I put Christ first. And our marriage is a blessing! Beyond anything we could have ever dreamed! And many words have been spoken over us, that we would be like those who dream dreams again! Psalm 126. God has been so good and so gracious! To Him be all glory and praise.

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