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  1. Dear Priscilla, I love the prophetic words you receive. They always are clear and direct in telling the truth plus encouraging.
    This one contains so much, especially about „suffering with Christ.“
    As I am suffering from many painful physical things since Decades, am in „hiding“, belonging to the Remnant, pondering the Philippus Way of transportation as my husband and I are 71 and 76 meanwhile, still waiting to be send to Nations as prophetically announced over and over again, it spoke so strong to me!
    At this time I am suffering from a strange Diarrhoea which lasts since 9 days now and did not seem to stop in any way.
    In 2o18 I had a heart stop from this and suffered for 5 years, in 2020 only one incident caused a false prognosis and suffering. I always thought that this is the area of suffering of us Western christians in comparison of those terrible ones in the Western world. Usually suffering is because of persecution, therefore Charismatics don‘t accept that opinion.

    • So good to hear from you Dorothea!!!
      Been going thru some challenges too
      Write me @ below email!  So I have your email beloved sis!

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