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Jesus Says ‘NO’ to Weed (Part 2) — 5 Comments

  1. Could you say a prayer for me on this subject ?

    Seems to help my anxiety … just struggled with mental health for a long time . I abused it during covid . I started seeking God a year and a half ago and had several revelations about smoking it so I quit .

    My two friends from church noticed I should get back on prescription pills – been off anxiety med for a few months and been having anxiety recently . I just have a difficult time understanding why manufactured pills are fine to take . I took a low THC dose of a gummy the other day and it seemed to help . Prescription anxiety medicine seems to have an ingredient list of scientific words .

  2. Could you say a prayer for me on this subject ? I could use it .

    I have struggled for a long time with mental health – aspergers / autism , anxiety , depression . I use to be on two or three pills … just over a year ago I was on one pill for anxiety – as needed , I ran out three months ago .

    During covid I smoked marijuana for a year – too much , so I abused it . I could say a lot on this subject – all I want to say it did seem to help my mental health .

  3. It’s shocking to me how this is not something obvious to the American church but as I learn more about it, I realize more and more that it’s a very weak minded church.

  4. We must be careful saying things that are not precise. Doctors have prescribed pills to help cancer patients. My mother-in-law was one of them. When you speak of the substance I think it’s important that you speak of the way the substance is used. The enemy uses it for evil. Yes I agree that smoking it is not of God. The pill did not get her high. It simply made her transition from this life to the next a little more bearable. The cancer had taken over her entire body and she was in excruciating pain. She was able to be coherent enough to rededicated her life to Jesus. Had she not felt any comfort, I do not know if she would have been able to receive the gift of salvation.

  5. AMEN! Preach it. So sad that many have been deceived and don’t understand that marijuana is an open doorway to the demonic.

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