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Let Us Be Clear on Eternal Salvation — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you man of God, for reminding us, new desire brings a new nature. What we connect to, comes out in what we obey. It’s possible, that some might have encounters with church and not God. A “new Believer” might think, that after the prayer of Salvation, God zaps away the fleshly desires. Not understanding the connect and commitment to the Word, transforms us in His image / likeness. God sees our heart/s – we know every sincere heart that comes to the Lord, is sealed Eph. 4:30. Our flesh is not “saved” Rom. 12:2-3 but being “saved” as we renew. Eventually, the authenticity of our relationship with God will be demonstrated. Only by His grace and mercy – and only for His glory. Amen. God bless you sir.

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