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  1. Thank you Patricia for all you shared. I felt like yesterday, that article was maybe only a beginning, and not finished yet?
    I remember a time period when the Lord was showing me about ‘clouds’.
    I couldn’t even put into words all the ‘beauty’ I was seeing and the signs in the sky I was seeing also. Right now I have a close spiritual daughter in the Lord that still sees a lot of ‘Crosses’ in the sky, etc.
    Also I guess many of us have studied about the blood moons.
    Surely the Lord’s work and creation is simply amazing!
    I just never want to go too far and date set or get out of balance with any of it.
    So many ‘study the stars’ and get into astrology and another realm and sin in it.
    I don’t even know why I’m mentioning that here, but I guess some of this, I tend to be caution of speaking about.
    Surely the Northern Lights are so equisite! We are taught by even nature itself.
    Yes, No man knows the date or hour for the Lords return, but the Father only! Blessings and many prayers~ ❤️

  2. Hi Joyce, There are so many signs in the heavens above and the earth beneath. The Lord really is speaking. There was a sky one day in 2020-21 that gave me a sense of foreboding. Since then I have followed things and of late have felt even what we are seeing in the heavens above is not normal. Over 40 years ago I saw exquisite Northern lights one summer for many hours. Smile.  Now I intently watch even what is happening in some cloud formations. Lots to ponder. The Lord will return but only the Father knows the hour. We must share the gospel and bring in the harvest. Good post sis. ❤️

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