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For He, The LORD God Almighty, Is Their Everything! — 4 Comments

  1. Gabrielle, as I just read, this message my heart soared.
    Praise to our Lord God Almighty!

    We need you so much in the Body of Christ to keep doing what you are doing!

    You are getting through to us not to ever quit praising the Lord! ❤️

    • Joyce thank you very much for your words of encouragement!  Even if it helps just one person I would still write and share. I get so much inspiration from the Holy Spirit. And it gives me great joy to share with my brothers and sisters. 

      Driving home last night I was praising God with a new song!  Driving home!  Declaring He was my firm focus foundation, my rock where my feet are firmly planted! Can’t wait to share that one with everyone! ❤️

      • Can’t wait, either, Gabrielle! There are some posts I do read at times of different authors but just don’t always have a chance to comment.

        Imagine one day on the other side, we will never be hindered by time again!

        Hugs prayers and blessings, ❤️

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