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  1. Thank you truly needed this. I feel like Job.. It has been so long, dark, chaotic and have lost so much in the last 6 years. So much in tears and am very weary. Lord come to our help for we have been lied to, manipulated and deceived yet again! Fight for us when others have been secretly coming against us instead of for us! This is a very dark, demonic plan that has been set on my husband and his business resulting in utter chaos for far too long! Yet who do we go to but your Lord. Will you not come in with your Justice and defend your daughter and her household! We have been calm and have not fought in our own strength and have maintained a peaceful composure and have not fought back but have supposedly leaned on a Christian solicitor to aid in this but yet more disappointment with this private organization who are bent on destroying us!

  2. Köszönöm szépen. Úgy van,Igen, és Ámen.

    [ HKP : “Thank you very much. That’s right, Yes, and Amen.” ]

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