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  1. I am taking this as confirmation for myself, in conversation with God last week He gave me the words Christian Nationalism.
    Christian Nationalism can lead to people doing terrible things in the name of God. It is on God’s heart and mind.

  2. Christian Nationalism is a man made term. Where is it in the Bible? It is something that is on God’s mind and heart? Selah!!

    God bless

  3. CORRECTION:The term- “CHRISTIAN nationalism is a worldview that claims the U.S. is a Christian nation and that the country’s laws should therefore be rooted in Christian ‘VALUES.”❣️☝

  4. OH Lord Let YOUR KINGDOM AND YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH & NOT OURS-AS ‘IT IS IN HEAVEN!  We pray that You would give us Who You have ordained to lead your People-ONE after Your Own Heart, who has a heart of Flesh, with a Repentant Heart that Fears the Lord & One that walks & speaks Your TRUTHS! For those who may not have researched the term called Christian Nationalism: “Christian nationalism is a worldview that claims the U.S. is a Christian nation and that the country’s laws should therefore be ‘rooted in Christian nationalism which has recently become a talking point in American Politics.” OH Lord search our hearts and give us a heart like Yours & help us to ALSSO be ROOTED IN CHRIST & in Your LOVE, as you remind us that we wrestle ‘not against flesh and blood, but against, principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. Also help us to meditate on 2nd Chronicles 7:14- IF MY PEOPLE…..☝

  5. Prophets seem to miss it most often around Elections. This term “Christian Nationalism” is a campaign slogan for the Democrat Party and the Anti-Christ Globalist Cabal. This prophet sent this word in May & again in July, so it looks like she is campaigning here with only 4 months before the Election. As long as this campaign slogan was brought up, it seems appropriate to bring up Prophet Kim Clement who said that God is going to fool the people and bring in someone that “They say he had Hot Blood”… but he will become a great man of Prayer since God will baptize him with the Holy Spirit & Power, and he will protect this Country in a Great Way.

  6. AMEN! Thank You for this Word- God Bless YOU & Your Ministry! Thank the Lord for HIS FREEDOM & Help us to ‘Live as people who are free, not using our freedom as a ‘cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God!” IT is SO Imperative NOW- More than ever-that we are Discerning and That we ‘Know those that labor among us, with Eyes to See and Ears to Hear- what the Spirit is saying to the REAL Church. There are many who are being deceived who are following a man-those being led by their own fleshly desires & emotions , instead of Walking in the Spirit! We must have God’s Wisdom- So that we are ‘NOT like those in 2 Timothy3:5- “having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away”!  Your Word says: “YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS”.  Thank You Lord- that YOU are the FRUIT INSPECTOR” OH Lord, help us to pray & repent daily of our sins, as we also pray for our enemies, according to Your Word! OH LORD- SHOW US YOUR MANIFESTED POWER OF YOUR GLORY HERE IN THE EARTH!” Thank you Lord for the Summer REVIVAL- and the HARVEST OF SOULS in 2024! HALLELUJAH!☝

  7. Can’t say that I see what you see in your Christian Nationalism section. I see three types of Christians today. The fakes who simply want big church attendance at the cost of any repentance from sin, those who just want to sit in their pews and ignore their larger responsibility and finally those who are willing to get involved and be the change that this nation needs. Thank GOD for that last group. Call them what you will they are the true servants of GOD and the body of Jesus here on earth.

  8. What a wonderful ministry.  God bless you. However, like Ariel, I wonder if I am missing something when it comes to the term “Christian Nationalism”?

  9. Dear Mena, I always love reading your posts.  How wonderful to have such a ministry of helping the poor.  God bless you.  However, like Arien I was wondering if I’m missing something when it continues the term of “Christian Nationalism “?

  10. Thank you for sharing, sister Mena. Can you go further into what you mean by “Christian Nationalism” please? The ones I’ve been seeing using that phrase are those trying to slur Jesus’ believers who are standing up for Godly principles in government, as if there is something wrong with applying obedient Christian living to government and something wrong with standing up for God’s nationhood against Satan’s globalist plans.

    • I agree with you Arien. God us calling His people to stand and pray for this nation, and pray for His justice here, and the pushing back and removal of the globalist elites and their ways, as they are trying to hasten the time of the end. There is nothing wrong with loving our country and standing for it in prayer, and in actions as the Lord leads. We just must use wisdom and do what God says, and nor get caught up in rage or fleshly anger in the process. I think a lot of what goes on is to try and bait the conservatives to act badly so they can be slandered and locked up.

    • I couldn’t agree more with Arlen on the term “Christian Nationalism’. This is a term used by Global Elites in many Nations to try to silence God-honoring Christians and make these Christians look like bad guys.

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