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  1. Prophet Hanson, thanks for your boldnes as It takes great courage to share this kind of indepth testimony on your marriage, family, early/ private life/stuff etc.  I, WE, YOU all have past but no longer live there! Recall after SAUL got converted, the Apostles were scared of him because of his past not knowing he was now PAUL a VESSEL of HONOUR in GOD’ HAND! God bless your wife CAROL for her understanding. More Grace on you!

    • Thank you for your reply. Yes it does take courage and yet perhaps we share these things with others, then maybe we can be more honest and forthcoming.

  2. As a fellow art graduate, professional (& called) artist, as well as spirit filled believer, I have some issues reading this.  There is a fair lot of nomadic (or hippy-type) wandering in your testimony and a LOT of unaccountability. (For me, the ‘fruit’ of your life). It is impossible to be accountable to others online AND to ‘drop in’ and give prophecies to churches or individuals, without a personal recommendation or back history. Having a lot of experience of this sort of thing, if you visited my church and gave me a ‘word’, then I would ask questions as to who you were etc, before I even considered taking it as from the Lord.  Have seen too much damage and destruction from people who proclaim themselves to be prophets and basically do a ‘hit and run’ with little regard for the fall-out.

    • You have misunderstood drastically my testimony Mhhh. I was accountable to others in many other ways. Also, you seem to ‘gloss over’ how I approached the pastor or leader of the churches. I was humble, open, and accountable to each of them. They knew of my background and communication with them.

      Perhaps you should declare your testimony to us, and don’t leave out those things that might incriminate you. This was my testimony before man and God—be it imperfect, without pretense and glory. All of it was part and parcel of my walk with the Lord. Each of us has a testimony to give. I in no way have either declared myself as a prophet or a teacher, even though I am one. That is my calling though; and that is my mandate in my humility and in my life.

      I am still accountable as all of us are. Perhaps you should choose your words more carefully before you pass judgment upon my past. Selah`

      • Here are some of the messages to churches in our area back several years ago:

        (These words below reflect various words which have been spoken to me through the Lord, and have been given to several different churches and fellowships over the years; mainly in the Colorado Springs area. This is in no way an exhaustive list given, because many of these prophecies have become lost, or those individual churches retained the only copy of the word. It seemed important to me to include some of these here, because sometimes even though these words were for specific and individual churches, there are still “universal themes” and applications to us as the body of Christ at large.)


    • This reminded me why Jesus was rejected and crucified by the “Church”
      During His ministry he traveled, ate and drank with sinners.(the fruit of His life, many became believers) He popped in at the temple and taught what is contrary to the beliefs of the “Church leaders”. He had no credentials of formal training.
      He healed the sick and gave comfort to those that felt hopeless and lost.(the fruit of His life) In spite of all the fruit of His life, the “Church” nailed Him to the cross, because,they did not bare the fruit of the spirit.

      I fully understand your concerns about false teachings and fly by night prophets,of which there are so many.
      They upset the beliefs of members of the congregation and the spiritual leaders end up doing the dammage control.
      It started off with the topic concerning meditation. Stephen gave a full explanation and a testimony of his walk through life, and all that stuck into your mind is what you repliedabove, to crucify him.

  3. Bless you Stephen. Your testimony has been a huge comfort, and instruction for me. I have felt like the ball in a pinball machine lately and you have explained it fully here. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to follow, and for helping us who try to, and lack examples to follow. May He make His face to shine upon you always!

  4. Amen! Thank you. I pray that you continue to remain blessed and provisioned as you are led. We are the body, every part fitting together and needing each part. God bless you

  5. Thank you much for sharing part 2 of your testimony. I enjoyed reading it and receiving words from the Lord.. May God continue to bless you and your wife in all things.

  6. Wow! I really enjoyed reading this. It’s like I was reading a good book and couldn’t put it down. Yes many of us are in the wilderness now. I haven’t held a job since the fall of 2007 when the Lord showed me that I will be leaving the workplace, and said that I will not go back to working.  Since then I have learnt to trust Him in all the places Ive stayed and He definitely has Provided and Protected me in a very risky environment. 
    Stephen, thank you for sharing so much of your Testimony with us. I pray God’s richest blessings continually in Jesus Name.

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