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  1. Who am I Lord that you’re mindful of me? I Bless God for using you to prophesized into my life. I believe & I know its done in Jesus name. May God shield, strengthen, & provision for you, your family & ministry. May HE give you new level of anointing to match the new assignment HE has for you. Don’t say No please as the people to reach out to are many, weary & heart broken. It’s a new assignment! Embrace it & ask HIM to direct you like an infant. Thank you so much God’s vessel BEV!

  2. Nobody battles with our God, not even satan & wins! Although HE is Merciful, slow to anger BUT mighty in battle as HE is a devouring fire. The Lord will step in & have His way in USA, Canada, Africa & all over the world. Ours is to pray, watch, wait, & trust Him & the rest will be history.  Thanks Dear Beg. More Anointing

    • Adams,
      So good to hear from you Blessed of the LORD!!!  GOD is pleased with you & your ways with Him. Much will be yours in the days ahead, as I see HIS TREASURE CHEST POURING out over you!!! And you are dancing with great DELIGHT in the RAIN of Abundance that is coming to you & wherever you are at.

      THANK YOU for your kindness & generality of heart. BLESSINGS! Bev

  3. reply to Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer If you want the whole word look up trilliumtruth.blogspot,com The trillium is Ontario s provincial flower you can also look her up on youtube under trillium truth

  4. My daughter gets words from the Lord for Canada, she complained to God once where are Canada s prophets this is a piece of A HEAVENLY SHED RAISING (trillium truth)
    Ha, ha, like the Lone Ranger I AM has trekked across the desert, traversed mountains and dove through rivers. I came, like in your cowboy movies, I knocked down the saloon doors and with “guns-a-blazing!” For you, Oh Canada, are the apple of My Eye. There is no evil, decrepit and vile place I wouldn’t go to save you
    So I have come! I HAVE COME TO SAVE MY BRIDE! These evil wicked men from a serpent’s gang, cover their faces with bandanas and handkerchiefs of blood. They scatter as shots go off! Some shall die behind the bar and drown themselves in liquor and oil. Others will fall behind the card tables. Their sleeves will empty as cards and stolen chips fall out. Oh, how I will shake out their coat pockets. Oh, how I will force them to lay all their chips out. Some will try and run to the backstage. They will try to hide behind those women they victimized and they shall play the victim. They shall say, “I was just following orders!” “I was just doing what I was told!”

    • Jay,
      I LOVE this Word for Canada. Will pass it on to others from Canada. Your daughter did a great job of listening!

      Thank you so much for responding! God Bless you & your daughter! Bev

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