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  1. „I would no longer exist on this earth if He had not.  Often times, I feel I must be healed every day.  I want to stop and say, that many of those on here arguing about doctrine and baptism and such, need to get out there and heal some people.“

    This kind of honesty is very rare among believers in the charismatic area, because confessing this kind of truth would be a negative confession and belief!
    I have contless times been comforted by the honesty of saints who have been pressed and oppressed in different ways, the prophets, Jeremiah, Job, David, Paul, Elijah and others………! They all did not blame the Devil though, but saw God behind all things. So I say, – if we are suffering like this (in my case since more than fourty years, it must have a deep meaning that will turn out for our good finally. It‘s the only light for me in the tunnel times…….

  2. Thank you so very much your words encourage me that the pressure and all out assault is not just me! Thank you for always
    “ being real” in your posts God bless you

  3. Discernment is what’s needed in the body of Christ. The Word clearly speaks of different scenarios. Is it oppression? Is it a demonic spirit controlling someone? Ask the Holy Spirit for HIS revelation, wisdom, and understanding of what’s truly going on.

    There is no condemnation for those whom are in Christ Jesus. Jesus is the One whom sets us free.

    Let us not be entangled in disunity of one camp vs another. The Word speaks of both senarios, so let’s follow Christ in humility and love for each other. Let’s grow in Christ’s ways and ask HIM to lead us in this area of discernment.

  4. “Real talk” man of God, for anyone pressing into the things of God. Healing is God’s wiLL yet, often there’s a wrestling of a spirit of infirmity. Whether we receive healing miraculously, or gradually. Luke 17:11-14(b) If we have 1 real person, we can talk and relate to about struggles we ALL have…..you are “blessed”. Celebrate!

  5. His timing……wow!!
    It’s been a long hard journey through this hot dry desert, that’s for sure.
    This thorn, sent to buffet me, though it seems at times unbearable, is necessary for the humility needing to be produced within me to carry the weight of His Glory and release the Kingdom of God upon the Earth in this Hour.
    I’m sitting on the edge of my bed this morning after fighting theough hell, yet again, all night long. I’m tired. I’m going to get up, get ready, and go back up to the hospital I’ve been covering under the Blood of Jesus Christ all night, and hopefully bring my mother back here to her home……again.
    My body and my mind are afflicted and infested, and witchcraft has had a field day with it. But in the precious words of King David I declare that I am still confident of this, I will see the Goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, I will be strong and take heart and wait upon the Lord.
    God bless your beautiful heart Robert. I would have never made it this far without the encouragement and kindness of His Saints. And together, in His Strength, we will cross the Fonish Line!!

  6. Oh, yes I can relate sometimes it`s so tough but if we sit at God`s feet enough he will heal us because he knows that sometimes it`s very difficult to say what we are going thro` to people who themselves are not emotionally healed. Church has to do healing regularly even for Pastors so that noone grows bitter.
    God is good all the time

  7. Thank you Robert. It has been really tough. To the point of wanting to quit. It seems like every time I try to step out and write or work on a kingdom project everything falls apart in explosive ways…and then I end up dropping what ever I was working on. I don’t want to drop this writing project. I want to run this race well and finish it well.

  8. Robert, I always look forward to your posts and your ‘take’ brings such wonderful understanding of things we sometimes overlook. As I have been praying for my son ‘diligently’, my mind kept ‘casting out’ the spirit I was fighting. When I read this word, the Lord corrected me that I could not see my son’s heart and He was not possessed but tormented and OPPRESSED!! I thank God for your obedient heart to just endeavor to ‘tell it like it really is’. May God’s richest blessings abound in your life as you walk in humility and obedience, Sandi Holman

  9. Thank you, dear brother Robert. I remember some of your articles. You always have been honest to the core.
    A Holy Scripture about the topic comes to my mind: 2. Corinthians 4:8
    We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecutee, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.

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