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You Have The Keys! — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, I will pray more in the Spirit and be more sensitive to what God is doing and for greater effectiveness in Kingdom service!

  2. I agree totally with this word. In May I received an assignment to start prayer walking, praying only in the Spirit. Since then I have seen things take place that have been powerful and supernatural. We must do this in our areas of influence!

  3. Yes Pastor. whew! Thank you for exhorting, equipping, and edifying God’s prophetic people in 5 fold ministry gift/s. Ministering to us…HiS people. God bless you! – All that you put your hands to do, all that is connected to you and your ministry!

  4. Thank you for this! It’s such a beautiful intensely personal confirmation to a writing project I just started on this very subject! I desperately need the encouragement…thank you.

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