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Prayers for a Revival Among Freemasons — 11 Comments

  1. Something to look into Priscilla, as well as others praying about this, is Fraternities and Sororities on University campuses.  This past week I watched a documentary called “Bama Rush” which is about Rush week at the U of AR.  This led to me doing some research and finding out that 1) many have ties to Free Masonry and 2) God is currently leading so many young men and women out of these fraternity and sorority organizations here in the US. He’s calling them to repent and renounce what they spoke in agreement with in these houses. Each frat and sorority name is linked to a Greek God. Each one. I had no idea until I found a list explaining what each house’s Greek name meant and the god or goddess it was linked to. Mind boggling stuff. So God is on the move (!) and so along with Free Masons please pray for the people that are in these Greek houses and also the Christians who don’t see memberships in these houses as something that is not OK for Christians to be a part of.  That God would expose what needs to be exposed so that people can see and know the truth.

    • Sorry, I was incorrect. There is one where Jesus is the God of the frat but again with all that’s part of Frats I’m not sure having Jesus as the head of it is a good or Biblically correct fit.

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