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  1. I agree with you. Pride manifests in many of us, myself, included. We know that we are doing it and keep on talking or making our point. It is dangerous as it can masquerade itself in so many ways as you mentioned. Yes, pride is what got Lucifer thrown out of Heaven. But, he didn’t stop. He roams about trying to get as many as possible to be hell bound. We live in a fast paced society and must pause when we sin in order to ask God forgiveness and to walk in humility. Otherwise, this sinful, arrogant nature takes over and people get to where they don’t even pay attention to Holy Spirit nudging them. We cannot be prideful and expect to go to Heaven. We need to rid ourselves of pride once and for all. Now, that I’ve made my point, I will examine myself and see as to whether I was contributing or simply wanted to be heard. Seriously, we need Holy Spirit every step of the way to remain humble and pure.

    • Theresa,Thank you for sharing your own sruggle with pride. I struggle as well though I wasn’t aware of it until God’s Holy Spirit recently convicted my heart. I’m in my 70’s and realize it’s been one of the many problems I’ve come to realize in the church during my lifetime, along with a self righteous attitude and judging others who have been deemed unacceptable. These are the very people we are called to disciple with compassion and a heart like Jesus. He wants these people just as much! Mena, this is my first time reading your posts. My spirit is in agreement with you. Believer’s worldwide need to re-examine their hearts and get back to reading and studying their Bibles. Most of us have completely forgotten what Jesus commanded. Instead we started listening to the interpretations of many church leaders who have also lost their way. God have mercy on us as He brings the enlightenment of Holy Spirit back into our churches and wakes up the people to take a stand with God to save our nation. In the name of Jesus Christ King of Kings!

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