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The Schemes of World Domination — 10 Comments

  1. ancient books vatican have a hell lots of those kept hidden from public. I have suspect trump too though I used to support him I dont think im worshipping him or making a statue of him but as hes the better option out of another one. Some say hes elect as trumpet some says the opposite hes the man of lawlessness making himself clean…dodging tax n stuff n most of the time hes speaking boastful which resembles that and too he get the bible out and call himself chosen one. His son in law has 666 building Trump is like the grey zone of everything perhaps hes the one we have to avoid. Hes also the only one that have the influence over many and can deceive many if technically speaking..at the current stage…cause obama and pope’s deed kinda expose themselves already unless revelation starts really long ago and the antichrist was just them no one else
    it’s just benefit of a doubt but regardless we need to trust less on man but instinctively rely on God

  2. Ha, the plans of the enemy shall fall and come to nothing, God is our Shield, and his mighty Right hand Wields the Sword, the same sword he has given his remnant to overcome. I fear nothing, because i know he is Faithful and true.  And nothing by any means shall harm those who walk in him. God will prosper his people, and he shall place us in our Promised land, and None of us shall be Afraid. HIS harvest shall go Forth over the earth, and he shall topple Kings, and Raise up his Davids snd esthers, Deborah’s and Gidians,For he is not a man that he should lie. We are told to test the Spirits, And that is always what we must do.  Shalom.

  3. Trump has always been a great deception to many. He deceived many, into thinking he was something, he is not. You should never look to a man over God, this is what was and is still happening? Trump was and is worshiped by many, and God HATES IT!

  4. Prophet Hanson … Thank you for the Prophetic Word. The stage is continuing to be set, and has been for a long time. May God continue to use your voice as one of his End Time Prophets.

    In Christ,

  5. It comes as a surprise and yet, as I read it, I know that what has been spoken is true. In as much as I don’t like it, it witnesses to my spirit. When I read the part of … “the evil has come into the heart of a man”, it brought to my memory, Judas who betrayed Jesus. I love Trump as so many of us do. There were a few days during this created pandemic when I had thoughts that Trump had sold us out, also. There was no reason for thinking this so I just brushed it off as being stressed over all that is taking place in the world. As I read this Word, it brought that back to my thoughts. We should be praying at night; I should be praying. Those ancient books have me intrigued and wondering if it could be in Rome that they have access of these books where, perhaps, even their names are mentioned. Enough with the imagination going in all directions. We are to seek the LORD for more revelation and understanding in this. I thank the prophet for posting this Word from the LORD.

  6. So the were ok to vote for Biden ? Christian’s need to ask the Holy Spirit who to vote for. Almost everything said about Trump was propaganda, lies, etc. Church silent and still afraid of the plandemic

    • *Is it ok with you to have someone who is in cahoots with Putin, who is a blood-thirsty killer of men, women, and children, who has no regard for human life? I guess each person needs to know these things and to know the voice of the Lord, and make wise decisions. Selah

    • Very enigmatic. There is an evil plan for world domination.  Two men talk about a scheme.  Does that mean they are plotting it or that they have discovered its details?  Do they aim to implement the evil plan or thwart it?

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