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Strange Fire in the Church? — 2 Comments

  1. What about the Sacred name Yahuwah His Son Yahushua… The Sabbath and His Holy Feasts/Festivals.  Many have missed the Mark. Especially leaders.  Worshipping gods and lords.  Following traditions of men.  Changing His Sabbath Day.  Following Pagan Holidays.  Many leaders do have these teachings ..but they keep on following men and traditions and continue to lead the flock astray.  What much danger this is. Yahuwah will deal with them. We have to know who we Worship and Follow.

  2. At the start of this year I was in some heavy Spiritual warfare and the Lord spoke to me the same exact word!

    He said, beware of gifts from strangers!

    That’s all I remember but I recall that the meaning was like a Trojan horse that is disguised as something good but in the end it isn’t.

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