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Prophetic Word for 2017 – by Jennifer Eivaz — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Jennifer.  Very interesting post.  I think you answered your own pondering over the meaning of # 17 as you spoke all around it, even saying- “…it was her promise of victory for land acquisition”.  For we know by revelation of the Lord that 17 means Victory.  At Linda’s prophecy site at prophecies.org you will see that she has left out chapter 17 of Book 12 till last, by the Lord’s instructions.  It is also interesting that when I prayed in agreement with Linda one day for the acquisition of all of the property of the original purchase she made with her husband, (since divorced) an acceptable offer was soon presented to her where she got back the entire 15 acre parcel.  So it appears that the quote above about the land acquisition was also right-on in perfect meaning!  rick

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