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Gifts for Christmas — 2 Comments

  1. Beautiful Abba, as you have declared over my life, be it unto me. I know that I know every good gift comes from you, for you are indeed good.
    I praise and thank you for your words this day, with an abundance of my love for you. I bless you Abba Father, for all you have done for me.

  2. Hi Deborah

    Thank you for this very hopeful and blessed word I have read it over a few times many years ago a Christian sister in the Lord gave me a prophetic word about her seeing me with so many gifts like at Christmas time. She is now gone to be with the Lord so this speaks to my heart. In fact there was a time when phone booths were the norm I was in the mall and called home to talk with my son and in the process of doing so and disconnecting the call my voice message from my answering machine some how got technically frozen in the Telus system for a few months and when ever one would go use a phone booth in the city I lived my voice would be on it saying THANK YOU and then you would get the dial tone.  I had my kids and friends listen to that in numerous places.  Nothing happens by accident and I have always looked forward to the day that my heart will be so overwhelmed from the goodness of God from the hardships of life that THANK YOU would be an understatement. Regardless I am forever grateful for all He has given me most of all the GIFT OF MY SALVATION thank you Sue

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